Thursday, November 26, 2009

I love school uniforms and I don´t know...

...why where Catalina lives the schools are so allergic to them...

Until now Catalina doesn´t choose her clothes but in two years we are afraid she is going to ask for just pink clothes...

Our "Mini-top" in Sailor

Our MiniTop is growing a lot, but she is so cute as always, I love her in this Geraldine Saglio´s editorial for Vogue France Enfants Supplement September 2009. Catalina loves the red skirt.
Pics via: here

Vogue Nippon and Ruben Toledo

Catalina loves these Ruben Toledo postcards, she thinks they are "chic", nowadays she´s very interested in which things are chic. Vogue Nippon is chic? Italian language is chic? and Euskera (Vascongadas language) is chic? (the last question I can just tell her that when she speaks Euskera of course it is)


I am so happy, I have always loved (well, since the firs time I saw it, a few months ago) Manhattan poster by Jim Datz (above), and Three Potato Four has notified me the poster is now available. Well it´s the first time I buy something from US, I hope my Mantattan poster arrives soon...Catalina and I have to study the map very well to travel, later, to NY

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Three Wise Men: our wish list

To Catalina

Catalina is a little nervous about what she wants to ask to the Reyes Magos. We told her she has to be quite specific, if she isn´t, it migth be The Reyes Magos didn´t know which presents she wishes.

She wants a piano, we love this Vilac cute mini piano, oh, i love it in that yellow... She wants some dolls, so those she has already got and the new ones could be very happy together. One of them is a Corolle doll, Catalina has got another but it isn´t a ballerina. And I love Naomie for her.

She doesn´t want, but her mother does, another lamp, Catalina has "only" got four in her little bedroom... We love this one

She also wants a little kitchen, and i think the Lili Cooker is the cutest one. As well a Baking kit, this one is so gorgeous.

And the last wish: going to snow for her very first time with her littles friends, so we love those absolutely fantastic chocolate dungarees by Bonpoint.

To Ana

Ana is me. Catalina always calls me Ana, never untie, it´s fair, i call her Catalina, never little niece.
Well, first of all, I wish this fab Antonio Citerio´s sofa, I don´t know which the price is but the Reyes Magos are magicians and they are three, between 3 is easier shave more money...
In the second photo you can see the "lucellino", the first time I saw this cute lamp was in a small shop at Piazz di San Lorenzo in Lucina in Roma two months ago. The shop was close to Bonpoint and I felt in love with "Lucellino". Its designer is the German Ingo Maurer, and his website is worth a visit.
In the next picture you can see three Alexander Girard Wooden Dolls, I want them, I want all of them!!!, give me time, give me time...
Finally, I want some bracelets, Botega Venetta or Marni, I love either. Don´t you think they are fab? I know I never wear that sort of stuff, but if the Three Wise Men bring me them I promise I will wear them. (via)

Monday, November 16, 2009

November, and Catalina wants... surf!!!
Catalina shouldn´t browse through Vogue anymore.

Credits: via

Sunday, November 15, 2009

At the Library

I don´t know but when I was a little girl I hated libraries, they were boring, their books were hideous, you had to be in silence all the time... But nowadays the libraries are so diferent, the books are gorgeous, they are chock-a-block with cute toys, books, want to go to the library...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Tim Walker

Pictures come from here

I do love this much loved tale of the one-legged toy soldier who falls in love with a beautiful paper dancer!!!. My mom always read this tale to Catalina and she´s in love with the soldier.
And, of course, I love those Tim Walker´s photos.

Above, window display at Rei Kawakudo´s store in Dover Street Market, London (via)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Another one!!!

When bedtime comes Catalina always wants to read some books, and never one, she wants another one, at least. She goes towards her little library and starts to choose the books she wants to read, three, four, in English, another one in Spanish, in Italian... It doesn´t matter which language is, she doesn´t want to sleep...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Too cool for school...I don´t think so

Too cool for school tell us Elle Decoration Uk (i doo love this magazine) to talk about Caran d´Ache´s new limited-edition box set of 120 "Supracolor´pencils, which comes decorated with illustrations by Alber Elbaz. The magazine also tells us, Elbaz is such a fan of the pencils, that he uses them for all his fashion sketches and that he agreed to lend his artwork to the packaging.

However, I don´t think these pencils are too cool for school, I think Catalina needs them, well, if they are too cool for her, i could treat myself and buy them... The Three Wise Men are coming, aren´t they?

Pictures come from here

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I´ve never been to New York, so I don´t know anything about that city, well i know a little bit thanks to A Walk in New York, a must have children book written by Salvatore Rubbino, and I´ve got some postcards that my sister sent me when she was there. That´s all. But today browsing some blogs I found this little treasure (i am not sure if it´s a treasure, it could be there are amazing cafes for children at every corner in Manhattan) thanks to Design Shimmer.
The cafe looks fantastic, a fairly tale for kids: deers, little lambs, cows, red mushrooms, maybe it´s time for a trip to NY.

Funky Forest created by Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille

The cafe has also got art proyects and exhibitions. More: here