Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catalina in Tammy Donohoe (Part I)

Kaleidoscope by Tammy Donohoe

The Tammy Donohoe´s new campaigne is called Kaleidescope. It´s, as always, wonderful. Its layette are fab and its knitted clothes are superb.
Catalina is going to be five next June, so there is no more Tammy for her, Tammy is until 4 years old children. It´s a pitty, Catalina has been wearing Tammy since she was born but she is growing...
Anyway, despite this, I will visit Tammy Donohoe store in Barcelona. Besides, the store sells Album di Famiglia, Lem Lem, Yporque, Pepé, Bensimon, Lili and the Funky boys and Tuss.
UPDATE: I was wrong, Kaleidescope is until 6 years old children, it is not Fab?

Spring Summer 2009, Kaleidoscope Daria dress

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catalina at Mini Artium

Her arrival at Artium Museum

Her work

Catalina is working

Catalina is playing

Catalina enjoys drawing and coloring a lot. So the best way to spend a Winter Sunday (although it is already Spring) is going to Mini Artium, a place where children like Catalina can meet with Contemporary Art.
Mini Artrium takes place at Artium Museum every Sunday morning, I think it´s a great idea that children could meet with Art and Catalina as well. What do you think?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paint your Polo Kit at Colette

Before next May’s DoCoCo corner, a special corner just for kids, get the "Paint Your Polo Kit" by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear . An invitation for kids to get together, get creative and paint their own polo shirt. With six brightly colored paints, an array of paint brushes, fun stamps and a classic white polo shirt as the canvas, the sky is the limit! Neatly packaged in a kid-friendly paint can, children can bring Paint Your Polo Kits to birthday parties, holiday celebrations, a friend's house, or your own playroom! 100% of the net proceeds from the kits will be donated to charity. In France, proceeds will benefit Les P'tits Cracks , an association founded in 2001 to support children affected by cancer and accompany them on the way to recovery.

More info: www.colette.fr

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally... Vogue Niños

Finally Vogue Niños España primavera verano 2009, there are two issues per year and in February you are already thinking in the new one although you know it doesn´t arrive until end of March. Catalina has been asking for the new issue in every newspaper kiosk since first of March if the new Vogue Niños had arrived. She is so cute, she has such a beautiful voice!.
Por fin ha llegado Vogue Niños España primavera verano 2009, hay dos números cada año y en febrero ya estás pensado en el nuevo número que sabes que no llega hasta finales de marzo. Catalina ha estado preguntando por el nuevo número en cada kiosko desde el uno de marzo si el nuevo Vogue Niños había llegado. Es tan mona, tiene un voz tan bonita!.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We love lovely Kidimo.

More in www.littlefashiongallery.com and www.kidimo.com

Kristiana Parn

Kristiana is from Estonia and now she´s living and working at a studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York. She studied accounting and she did so in Estonia. Feeling unsatisfied with the accounting life she decided to let the profession find her instead. Kristiana took painting lessons from a local painter and that's where things became more serious. She left Estonia in search for something new. She says "Being an artist is like being in an art school for life. So, I am still in school..."

All the pictures come from Kristiana Parn website: www.kristianaparn.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cute Amsterdam

The bridge

The cutest car

The boat stop

The boat

The bedroom

Jip en Janneke

It was a long time ago the very first time I was in Amsterdam, I was not thinking in any niece and any child. So Amsterdam was fantastic, with a lot of small canals and bridges, chock-a-block with oriental restaurants, coffe shops and young people.
But last weekend I have been to Amsterdam and the city was really different: mushrooms, little Red Riding Hood, "Jip en Janneke" postcards, deer and red and white spots on just about everything are to be found in everyvhere, of course, also canals, bicycles, bridges and museums. It could be because I were thinking in my cute Catalina.
I have never head about "Jip en Janneke", but in Amsterdam the illustrations were everywhere.
Jip en Janneke is a collection of children's books written by Annie M.G. Schmidt and illustrated by Fiep Westendorp. The short stories were first published in the Netherlands as a weekly newspaper series from 1952 to 1957, but proved so popular that they were soon bundled together in books. Today they are well loved classics, perfect for bed time reading as each story is only 250 words!.
I have bought some postcards for Catalina, I couldn´t resist the temptation!

Fue hace bastante tiempo la primera vez que estuve en Amsterdam y cuando aquello no pensaba en ninguna sobrina ni en ningún niño. Amsterdam era fantástica, con un montón de canales y puentes, a tope de restaurantes orientales, de gente joven y de coffe shops.

Pero el fin de semana pasado he estado en Amsterdam otra vez y era una ciudad totalmente diferente: setas, postales de "Jip en Janneke", ciervos, lunares rojos y blancos por todos los lados, y por supuesto, también canales, bicicletas, puentes y museos. Podría ser que era porque pensaba en mi preciosa Catalina.

Nunca había oido hablar de Jip en Janneke, pero en Amsterdam sus ilustraciones estaban por todos los sitios. Jip en Janneke es una serie de cuentos infantiles escritos por Annie M.G. Schmidt e ilustrados por Fiep Westendorp. Estos cuentos fueron publicados por primera vez en Holanda como una revista semanal desde 1952 hasta 1957, pero resultaron tanto populares que pronto dejaron de ser fascículos semanales para pasar a ser pequeños libros. Hoy en día son unos clásicos muy queridos, perfectos para ir a dormir ya que ninguno de ellos contiene más de 250 palabras.

Yo he comprado algunas tarjetas para Catalina, no pude resistirme.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have a wonderful day, Daddy!!!

Darkness slipped in: no more childhood fear of the dark

No more childhood fear of the dark, Daisy sees Darkness but she isn´t scared at all. So Darkness and Daisy dance the FUNKY TWIST. And after all that dancing round they have a little break. They sip a cup of lemonade and nibble on some cake. Now Darkness comes in every night to dance and laugh and play. And the two of them, best of friends, dance the night away. But when they are tired and sleepy, Daisy switchess off the light. And Daisy knows that Darkness knows it´s time to say "Goodnight".
I do love this enchanting story. The tale personifies Darkness as a friendly and welcome visitor, so no more fear of the dark.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taboute Champignon, Superb!!!


I love this Taboute Champignon and you can get in http://www.balouga.com/, the very first and fab parisian children furniture boutique created in 2006.

Balouga sell contemporary and vintage furniture, and Gallery Balouga á Paris is to die for...

Amazing Amazonas

Catalina is riding Winnie in Smithstown House, Drumree, Ireland

Vogue Deutsch March 2009

Horse in the House. Tim Walker Photograph

Loewe. Campaign Winter 2008. Steven Klein Photograph

Catalina, Toni Garrn, Sasha, Stephanie Seymour, all of them, enjoy riding horses. Who doesn´t?