Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kaleidoscope by Tammy Donohoe

The Tammy Donohoe´s new campaigne is called Kaleidescope. It´s, as always, wonderful. Its layette are fab and its knitted clothes are superb.
Catalina is going to be five next June, so there is no more Tammy for her, Tammy is until 4 years old children. It´s a pitty, Catalina has been wearing Tammy since she was born but she is growing...
Anyway, despite this, I will visit Tammy Donohoe store in Barcelona. Besides, the store sells Album di Famiglia, Lem Lem, Yporque, Pepé, Bensimon, Lili and the Funky boys and Tuss.
UPDATE: I was wrong, Kaleidescope is until 6 years old children, it is not Fab?

Spring Summer 2009, Kaleidoscope Daria dress

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