Friday, February 27, 2009

The Newest PLYprints

The newest plyprints

Finally SCP has launched a serie of six Alexander Girard´prints on plywood.
These plywood panels were originally created as silk screen prints in 1971 as part of Herman Miller's Environment Enrichment Panel program. Today's versions are hand screen-printed on sustainably-harvested maple plywood panels using water based inks. Each panel is decorated with one of six iconic Alexander Girard images and come complete with all mounting hardware.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The most stunning little dress

The washed ink silk habotai tier dress

Little Marc Jacobs SS 09

Fotografías: Achim Lippot /
Dirección creativa: Aude Tavet / Stylyng: Sylvia Grisier

And Catalina loves it!!!

Chloé Children´s wear Spring-Summer 09

For mini-fashionistas, for Catalina
for mini

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ndebele by Vittorio Locatelli

We love Ndebele!!!


We love Ndebele, the fab small house for children in colored carton (above). It´s so cute!!!.
Ndebele was designed by Vittorio Locatelli.

Locatelli, born in 1962, after studying art he received a degree in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic, where he has been teaching for a number of years. He combines work closely tied to architecture and design (primarily interior and exhibit design) with “studio” work involving the applied arts, from decoration to illustration to graphics and painting in the strict sense. He designed this fantastic Ndebele for Driade, the gorgeous workshop.

Vittorio Locatelli

He has also designed fabulous hand tufted carpets, "the land" and "the sea" (pictures below) perfect for children room, and "i ching", modular animals in wool cloth, of various colours, in a white cotton piquet packing unit of four different animals, a lion, an elephant, a giraffe and a seal (below).




Nos encanta Nbedele, la fabulosa casa de cartón de colores para niños. ¡Es tan mona!. Nbedele fue creada por Vittorio Locatelli.

Vittorio Locatelli, nació en 1962. Después de estudiar arte, hizo una posgrado en la Universidad Politécnica de Milán, donde ha estado dando clases durante años. Locatelli combina trabajos de arquitectura y diseño (en especial diseño de interiores) y trabajos de estudio de las artes aplicaddas, que van desde la decoración a la ilustración y a la pintura en sentido estricto. Locatelli diseñó la fantástica Nbedele para la fabulosa casa Driade.

Locatelli ha diseñado más productos para niños como las fabulosas alfombras, "Mar" y "Tierra" (fotografías de arriba), y el "i ching", un módulo de cuatro diferentes animales de lana en varios colores, que son un león, un elefante, una girafa y una foca.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catalina misses Ireland

The Strawberry Fraisier, Cafe Léon

Catalina has a really sweet tooth, and she knows she is coming to Dublin, where I live, in six weeks, so she is thinking about "Strawberry Fraisier", her favouirte cake in Cafe Léon, all the time. She loves drawing and also coloring, so she´s drawing and coloring a lot of "Strawberry Fraisier" in her chalkboard (pictures below). She always ask me "Ana, when are we going to eat a strawberry fraisier to Cafe Léon?, it´s a such delicious cake!!!".

Cafe Léon is a cozy and welcoming popular cafe chain (there are three within a hundred yards of each other) in Dublin. The staff is real gent and all the cakes are delicious; my favourite, the Banofi Pie, but the cheesecake is wonderfull too. The tea is perfect and the coffee... this is Ireland.

Strawberry fraisier and cheesecake


Catalina es muy golosa y ella sabe que va a ir a Irlanda, donde yo vivo, en seis semanas, y ella está pensando todo el tiempo en Strawberry fraisier, su pastel favorito de Café Léon. A Catalina le encanta dibujar y colorear, y ella está dibujando un montón de esos pastelitos en su pizarra. Ella siempre me preguna: "Ana, ¿cuándo vamos a ir a tomar una strawberry fraisier a Café Léon? ¡ son tan deliciosos!."
Cafe Léon es una acogedora y coqueta cadena de cafés en Dublín. Los empleados son encantadores y muy atentos y sus tartas y sus pasteles son deliciosos. Mi favorito, el Banofi Pie, pero la tarta de queso es maravillosa también. El té es perfecto y el café... esto es Irlanda.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy birthday lonesome puppy

Ten years ago Yoshitomo Nara, the acclaimed artist, wrote his first book for children, The Lonesome Puppy, a sweet tale from an artist for whom childhood holds a magical appeal. So Happy birthday Puppy from Catalina to you.

The book tells the story of a puppy so big (even more than the planet Earth) that anyone notices him, so he is always all alone and lonesome, until a determined girl (picture below) climbs high enough to meet him and become his friend.


Hace 10 años, Yoshitomo Nara, el aclamado artista japonés, escribió su primer libro para niños, The Lonesome Puppy, un cuento maravilloso de una artista para el que la niñez conlleva una mundo mágico. Por lo tanto, feliz cumpleaños puppy de parte de Catalina.

El libro cuenta la historia de una perro tan grande, incluso más grande que la tierra, que nadie se da cuenta de su existencia y, está siempre solo, hasta que una niña valiente trepa lo suficientemente alto para llegar a él y hacerse su amiga.

Happy to see you "Portant"

we love this stunning

We love this stunning "Portant"

we love this

Portant et 5 petits centris (Happytoseeyou)

You can get it in

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ark, a Cultural Centre for Children

Opened in 1995, The Ark is Europe’s first custom-designed cultural centre devoted exclusively to innovative arts programming for, by, with, and about children. Located in an award winning building in the heart of Dublin, The Ark houses an indoor theatre, an outdoor amphitheatre, gallery spaces and a workshop.

It´s a fantastic place and you can celebrate even your children´s birthday. Of course, If you live in Dublin.

Here there are some mask have been creating by children in Ark:

Monday, February 16, 2009