Friday, October 30, 2009

London and Paris

My sister has just got these stunning maps in order to Catalina becomes familiar with the landmarks of London and Paris. And Catalina really loves them. She knows she´s going to Paris next April, and probably before to London. And she talks about Sacré Coeur, the Thames, Covent Garden and much more all the time.
You can get one here

Beijing Poplar

All photos come from the Website

I´m speechless.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who wants to be a poodle, I don´t.

Yesterday I bought this cute girly book, it´s the Lauren Child´s newest and it´s sure Catalina wil love it.
Trixie Twinkle Toes lives in the lap of luxury, with every creature comfort a manicured pad away. Adored by the glamorous Mademoiselle Bruleé, the little poodle has a maid to plump her pillows and a cook to prepared her nibbles. But Trixie isn´t happy. She hates the expensive dog food, poopy salon treatments, doggy manicures and the like. All she wants to do is jump in poodles, chase after newpapers and get dirty.

Just for a five years old little girl, and the cover is pink!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hans Christian and Grimm by Gruppe 38... So cute!!!

Hans Christian, you must be an angel

Two weeks ago I had the chance to discover Gruppe 38, a wonderful Danish professional theater with a history going back to 1972.

I saw them at Ark, a Central Cultural for Children in the center of Dublin, and they were absolutely fantastic. I could see two of their performance "Hans Christian, You must be an angel" and "Hansel and Gretel". And I felt in love with them.

Hansel and Gretel was nominated for the theatre award -Reumert of the year- in the category Best Performance for Children. I couln´t find Hansel and Gretel in youtube but if you go to here, you can enjoy this beaufiful performance, a magical, intimate piece of theatre for children.

Above you can browse a bit of "Hans Christian, You must be an angel", I prefer "Hansel and Gretel" to "You must be an Angel" but it is superb as well. Enjoy the video

----- ---------------------------

Hace dos semanas tuve la suerte de descubrir a Grupo 38, un grupo de teatro danés que funciona desde 1972. Maravilloso. Los vi en el Ark, un centro cultural para niños que hay en el centro de Dublín, y son absolutamente fantásticos. Pude ver dos de sus obras "Hans Christian, you must be an angel" y "Hansel y Gretel". Me enamoraron. Hansel y Gretel fue nominado por unos premios de teatros en la categoría de Mejor obra para niños. No pude encontrar in youtube ningún fragmento de la obra, pero si vas a su página, puedes ver lo bonita que es la historia que nos cuentan.

Arriba he puesto un video de "You must be an angel", a mi me gustó más Hansel and Gretel que You must be an angel, pero también me encantó. Disfrutad del video.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sailor... Friends and Catalina

Catalina is messing around in the park close to home with her new Jean Paul Gaultier T-shirt. She´s so chic as the Sartorialist´s friends (first photo). I adore her!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

In her red shoes

She´s so happy with her new merceditas (Mary Jane´s shoes), a gift from her lovely granny, Leandra.

Leo Leonni

I´ve just arrived from Spain, it has been a fantastic time, playing with Catalina all the time and reading the newest books I´ve got to Catalina. One of them is Nadarín by Leo Leonni, Catalina loves the little red fishes and, of course, the little black fish called Nadarín.
After reading Nadarín we went to browse youtube and we found Nadarín in Japanese, really funny, we don´t understand anything at all, we assume it says the same tha in Spanish.

By Easytaba

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have just found this blog, and it´s such a gorgeous deco-blog. I really love her White Wednesday, (oh, busy Wednesday, white wednesday and Corner View)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sartorialist at The Gallery

Today I´ve been to Sartorialist´s book signing at The Gallery of Photography, here in Dublin. Luckily, The Gallery of Photography is in Meeting House Square really close where I work.

When my sister says to her "Catalina, switch off the laptop" (because she has spent much time playing with Curious George or Charlie and Lola), Catalina answers "one moment I am browsing Sartorialist". We are sure she thinks Sartorialist is so important that she can spend many time with that blog. I am sure Catalina loves or will love his portraits as my sister and I do.

So, I´ve got a Sartorialist book for her, and Scott has signed it for her. By the way, he´s really friendly and amusing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catalina, behave yourself

Garance Dore Illustration

Catalina really loves Mom´s clothes, when you don´t know where she is it´s easy to find her playing with a lot of handbags, clutch bags, sandals, wedges, slingbacks, ballerinas, hoops, cuffs, necklaces, bangles and all that kind of stuff. She always says to her Mom, "Mamá, when I am 7, will you gift wrap this clutch for me?. And she´s so hilarius in heels...
My sister sometimes orders some pieces very difficult to find in Spain, and when the order gets home, Catalina is always around the package, trying to open to put it on.
When I see Catalina in Mom´s clothes I always think in "Life Without Zoe", one of the three shorts of that make up the film "New York Stories", directed by Francis Ford Coppola and written by Coppola and his daughter, Sofia, when the girl is dressed in Chanel or grown-up clothes.

Images come from "Life with Zoe" by F. Coppola (all fab little girls in Chanel)

Catalina is in a Fendi evening top, Rene Caovilla slingbacks

and Jimmy Choo clutch (all belong to my sister)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A pet?

Catalina wants a pet, it doesn´t matter which pet is, a horse, a dog or a cat. It´s believed my sister is not going to aceppt a pet at home. They live in a small apartement and my sister stars to work at 09:00 and finishes at 18:30, so they hardly ever get home before 19:00. In spite of this, Catalina insists on having one.

What about a lovely little deer?

Monday, October 5, 2009