Friday, October 30, 2009

London and Paris

My sister has just got these stunning maps in order to Catalina becomes familiar with the landmarks of London and Paris. And Catalina really loves them. She knows she´s going to Paris next April, and probably before to London. And she talks about Sacré Coeur, the Thames, Covent Garden and much more all the time.
You can get one here


  1. How cute are these maps of London and Paris.
    Lucky Catalina!!!

    Enjoy your sunday and give Catalina a little hug!

  2. Raquel, los tienes en Bodie and Fou y son de Famille Summerbelle. Me imagino que en Madrid también los tendrán. Bodie and fou tiene cosas muy chulas pero vivendo en Madrid no creo que necesites comprar por on line

  3. Love the graphics and the colors: so, so beautiful!

  4. another great link, ana! you always find cool things!
    lovely in a kid room...