Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today is Manuel´s birthday. He´s my friend, he´s very good and he´s playing with me all the time although he´s a grown-up (very, very old, 33 years old, I am five). I have already said he is playing with me all the time, he plays with me to "Dora The Explorer", I am Dora, he´s Boots or Map, it depends on me. He plays "Princess" I am the princess, he is the dragon or the monster, sometimes he´s a dragon-mermaid, I am always the Princess. He carries me on their shoulders and it is very funny. He likes music, cinema and, of course, my auntie Ana.
In the picture I am holding a Spanish cake, Manuel gave it to me, it´s called Mazapán and it is a typical "manchego" dessert, because he´s manchego as Don Quijote and Pedro Almodovar.

I told you he likes music a lot, so I went to youtube and I found a Joy Division video. The song, a little sad but I know you love it, is for you, Manuel, have a lovely Birthday!!!


  1. Thank you Manuel for your lovely presents!!

  2. ¡Qué dulce! La niña, lo que dice de Manuel y el mazapán