Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Too cool for school...I don´t think so

Too cool for school tell us Elle Decoration Uk (i doo love this magazine) to talk about Caran d´Ache´s new limited-edition box set of 120 "Supracolor´pencils, which comes decorated with illustrations by Alber Elbaz. The magazine also tells us, Elbaz is such a fan of the pencils, that he uses them for all his fashion sketches and that he agreed to lend his artwork to the packaging.

However, I don´t think these pencils are too cool for school, I think Catalina needs them, well, if they are too cool for her, i could treat myself and buy them... The Three Wise Men are coming, aren´t they?

Pictures come from here


  1. HURRY UP!!! I´ll visit luisaviaroma . I´ll make sure I can get them there.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your blog is wonderful. Your little one is gorgeous.

  3. Hola Catalina!

    These Lanvin pencils are simply fabulous.
    Maybe the most stylish pencils in this wonderful box around the world.

    Besos and a little hug to Catalina!