Thursday, January 14, 2010


Nancy Blue Jeans

Nancy was the most beloved doll in Spain, she was born in 1970 but it´s looked upon today as a old fashion doll. All little girls prefer Barbie to Nancy, Barbie is slimmer, has got a lot of accessories as horses, friends, ferraris, camping car, and so on whereas Nancy has got a little sister, a boyfriend calle Lucas, a wardrobe, a bed and that´s about it.

The Three Kings have brought Catalina the Nancy blue Jeans, she wasn´t very exicted with her new doll, a doll without horses, without camping cars... So, we told her Nancy has a little sister, Lesly, and my sister still keeps her old Lesly, so Catalina plays wiht her new Nancy and the old Lesly, she is so happy because of the little sister. Lovely accessory a little sister!!!

Lesly is her little sister

Her lovely wardrobe

Nancy in the snow

Her accessories

Catalina with her newest Nancy Blue Jeans


  1. ¡Qué muñeca más bonita! La nueva Nancy es muy fea, no sabía que todavía se podían conseguir las antiguas.

    Qué gracia, me había olvidado de Lesly.


  2. OH!! How cute are these little girls! Nancy is the pretend name Luxe has been using for a year now when she plays. I'll have to show her these.

  3. Oh! yo tenía varias y me encantaban!

    Espero que los Reyes se hayan portado muy bien con Catalina (y contigo).

    Un beso

  4. Hello little Catalina!

    What a special vintage doll called Nancy. The "hungaria" doll looks also great with her look.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Besos to you and mom!

  5. didn't know those dolls... they look nicer than barbies!!

  6. Qué recuerdos...

    Pásate por mi blog, hay concurso!

    Muchos besos y feliz finde!

  7. je ne connaissais pas cette poupée moi mais je la trouve bien plus jolie que la Barbie.

  8. Se la vé contenta!! Yo creo que todavía tengo la mía guardada! Nada que ver con barbie, verdad?