Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Three Wise Men: our wish list

To Catalina
Catalina wants some of these mushrooms (by Annabel Kern) for her new Greek bedroom, she asks for all of them, well, she has to behave properly 
Catalina has already got another Jess Brown doll, Prune, but Catalina loves this one, Lilly Ballerina, she loves ballerinas because she´d like to be one of them when she grows up
Catalina´s mom loves this funny and litltle house by Lucky Boy Sunday
Another Barbie, of course...
She loves candles in her bedroom

She wants this Donna Wilson blanket in order to wrap her dolls up

To Ana
I want this lovely Miu Miu dress, the green one
Well, I know I have got a lot of Mawi´s but please just one more.

The Wiggle Stool by Frank Gehry

More Alexander Girard Wooden Dolls

And that´s all

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