Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One month in Ireland

Catalina is having a big breakfast before coming to Ireland

Catalina is reading news in the plane

Catalina is climbing up a tree

Catalina is playing in Zoe´s garden. Zoe is her little friend

Catalina is right now in Ireland, she´s spending a month with me, her auntie, in the island. She´s very keen on improving her English (and her Mum too), and she is having a lot of fun.
She arrived to Ireland last Thursday and since then she is in seventh heaven. Today she has started at school, at a montessori school. She got agitated, she can´t speak English very well, but finally the school was fantastic.
Catalina loves Ireland because it´s in Ireland where she rides horses, and she enjoys riding horses so much...
I am telling more about Catalina in Ireland next days.

Her very first day at Irish school: today

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