Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Morning at The Hugh Lane Gallery

Yesterday Morning, Catalina went to visit The Hugh Lane Gallery and she enjoyed it a lot. The Hugh Lane is a interesting museum in Dublin and it´s not too much large for her, so she could visit all the gallery. Her favourites "Egg Fight' (below), a sculptural installation created by Yinka Shonibare, based on themes developed in Jonathan Swift´s Gulliver´s Travels. The installation has two mannequins, Dutch wax printed cotton fabric, leather boots, replica guns, rope, polystyrene eggs and silicon; and her another fav, "Francis Bacon´s Studio", although acording to Catalina, a little messy. (below).

"The Egg Fight" by Yinka Shonibare (Picture comes from Website Hugh Lane Gallery)

Francis Bacon´s Studio (Picture comes from Website Hugh Lane Gallery)

After a long visit to the gallery, we had lunch, a big and delicious lunch at Hugh´ Café.

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