Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The countdown: Nine days

In nine days I am spending some days in France with Catalina and my sister, Catalina´s mom, and I can´t wait for it. I am looking foreward to seeing Catalina enjoying the beach and the pool. And I want to listening to her beautiful voice. It is just one week in France but it will be fantastic. After that, Catalina has to come back to school, but at the end of September we´re meeting again in Roma, and in October she is coming to Ireland to spend some weeks with me in order to improve her English and to ride her fav horses.
Until now her summer time has been fantastic, beach, pool, Santander, San Sebastián and her little friends, granny. The weather has been wonderful in the north of Spain, so...
If you see the pictures she is so beautiful as always and she looks so happy.


  1. Que pelo tan bonito tiene Catalina

  2. oh, that's great, i wish you a very nice trip to france!
    and you have a nice programm after that: i would love to go to rome!
    catalina is sich a lovely little girl...