Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catalina loves... (Part III)

Catalina loves American Apparel, Restaurante El Internacional, Zef, Acne Jeans, Little Paul & Joe, Jottum, Aoi Huber-Nono, Genichiro Yagyu, Taro Gomi, Charlie and Lola, Lampes veilleuses Egmont toys, Fritz Hansen´s Serie 7 child, Bazar San Carlos, Miffy, Anne-Claire Petit, Imaginarium, Djeco, Heico, kidsLAB, Taro Miura, Mo Willems, The Little Fashion Treasury, Finger in the nose, Belstaff and much more...


  1. She´s apparently terrific and cutie girl.

  2. It´s always a pleasure to take a look at your blog!
    Great photos!!!!
    Have a sunny and joyful weekend!