Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arrivederci Catalina!!!

I love this picture. Catalina is in her favourite lounge chair

Catalina is already in Spain, she came back to Spain accompained by her Mum and her Granny three hours ago, and I miss her so much!!!

She has spent more than a month living with me (her auntie) in Ireland and now she is in Spain. It is not fair. Of course, she is with her Mum and her Granny, and she has to go her swimming lessons, her ballet lessons, she has to play with her classmates and her playmates... but I miss her a lot.

I know the Spanish weather is better than the Irish-raining weather (in this moment it is raining here) and I also know I am going to Spain in one month because of her birthday, five years old, but I miss her beautiful smile, her lovely voice, her little hands, her tiny feet.
Ok Catalina, in one month I will be with you, so ¡hasta pronto Catalina! See you soon!!!, Arriverderci!!!


  1. We do love you very much too. I almost cry while I was reading your post. It´s so full of sensibility.

  2. Que pena que se vaya Catalina y que t estes tan triste,pero ya veras que rapido se pasa el tiempo y vuelves a deleitarnos con las estupendas fotos de tu sobrina....