Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Her newest I Pinco Pallino dress

Catalina is drinking her Daiquiri Jr

Catalina was very proud of her new dress

Catalina was waiting for her yummy food

Manuel asked for this dessert and Catalina ate the dessert

Catalina hasn´t any chance to wear her new dresses in Ireland. But last Saturday we went to have dinner to The Tea Room, a fantastic restaurant in Dublin. So she could wear one of her new dress, her fabbest and newest I Pinco Pallino dress.

The dinner was so yummy, yummy. As aperitif she asked for a Daiquiri Junior, and then more yummy food, and as dessert... she ate Manuel´s dessert.


  1. Con ese menu y ese vestido Catalina parece una autentica actriz¡¡¡

  2. Hi,
    pictures are wonderful.you have such nice and interesting pictures and memories.Thanks Again. Will read on…