Saturday, May 2, 2009

FunFam Japanesse Set

Whether it’s on a Japanese mat or a dining table, children will learn how to eat properly again: the creator of Funfam, Tsuneyuki Fujoka, designed these place settings like jigsaw puzzles with very stylish and simple lines. The beautiful Funfam place settings are made by hand from natural bamboo, a material that’s 100% ecological and easy for children to handle. In the European version, the child can choose his or her place setting according to the food he’s going to eat, a mini fork for a little appetiser and a spoon for soup - in the Japanese version, each type of food finds its own place in sweet little bowls for soup or rice, and in the tiny little plate for a salad.

I think they are fantastic!!!

You can get in exclusivity on LFG

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