Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catalina goes shopping

Catalina is playing in Milk + Cookies, the cutest children store in Dublin. While you try mini-dreses from brands like Maan or Quincy, you can play in its play area, ‘Aiko’s Kitchen’, that is scrawled in crayon on a cardboard Wendy house.

Catalina is having lunch after a lot of shopping

She is tasting her leek soup. Yummy, Yummy

Catalina is waiting for her macarons Laduree

Catalina is thinking "i want all of them"

Catalina wanted more macarons

Catalina is in BT´s changing room. She bougth a charming Bonpoint T-shirt and some cute little knickers.

Catalina is having her merienda after a really hard shopping day. Of course, she ate a lot of macarons